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Important Notice


Elanras are back in stock!

Products Overview


The Elanra MKII

* World's only Therapeutic Ioniser.
* Years ahead of its time.
* Up to 144 customisable settings.
* Replaceable Needles & Status Lights
* Mains powered for all standards.
* Thousands of units sold.
* 1Year Warranty
* 135mm Wide x 108mm High x 73mm Base Width

The Elanra Portable

* World's first Portable Ioniser.
* Up to 32 customisable settings.
* Military grade components.
* Battery, 12V / Car, or mains powered
* Replaceable Needles & Status Lights
* Works on 9v battery.
* 1 Year Warranty
* 168mm Wide x 37mm High x 120mm Depth

The World's Only Therapeutic Ioniser Bringing benefits to thousands of people worldwide who suffer with; Asthma, Allergies, Depression, Migraine, Sinus, SAD, Skin Disorders, Sleep, Snoring and many more.

The Worlds Only Portable Therapeutic Ioniser Bringing health benefits and protecting users from unhealthy, dirty air wherever they go, including Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Hotels and Offices. Suitable for use worldwide. Will run on mains or battery.









Why an ioniser may be the new asthma weapon


The Daily Mail, after testing the Elanra on a little boy with asthma, published a full-page article in its highly acclaimed Good Health section, under the headline, Why an ioniser may be the new asthma weapon.  "The first ioniser that creates negative ions small enough to be inhaled could be a huge breakthrough in treating a range of illnesses from asthma and depression to migraine, insomnia and sinusitis. Unlike conventional devices, which produce ions too large to breathe in and simply clean the air around us, the Elanra ioniser goes one step further. The tiny negative ions it gives out can be absorbed into the bloodstream to help balance the negative and positive ions within the body...." The article went on to describe how the child's asthma had greatly improved.  Click here to read the full article. - Read Further -





Important Notice


There are many practitioners who treat medical conditions, such as doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, osteopaths, Chinese Medicine practitioners, herbalists and others. All offer treatments that may benefit the patient. Many of these modalities do assist in the treatment of ailments.

The ELANRA offers a means by which naturally occurring negative ions are re-created to replicate those found in nature.

We recommend that you obtain your own medical advice as to your particular ailment and this company believes that you should not limit your choices.




Scientific Testimonial


As a physicist/engineer, I was frankly amazed at the efficiency and performance of the ELANRA. I learned Mr. Shaw had gone to extraordinary measures to engineer and design around the obvious disadvantages of his competition. His power supply and emitter needle technology is more sophisticated by quantum leaps than others with which I am familiar.

As the 1990 recipient of the Felzer Institute Award for pioneering work in Electro medicine, I am familiar with most available devices. My personal "museum" contains some 20 or so ionisers manufactured since the 1950's and the ELANRA is certainly the most sophisticated and effective of them all. I personally own two ELANRA units. One stays in my bedroom, I can highly recommend the ELANRA as an exceptionally effective state-of-the-art ioniser."

Dr. Robert Beck B.E., D.Sc., has been a consultant to the USN Office of Surface Weaponry and was a Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute. He has been a senior lecturer in the graduate school, University of Southern California. Dr. Beck is the recipient of three international awards for Science and Electro medicine.


Customer Testimonials


What Elanra Users Have to Say

The following extracts give an indication of just how strongly people feel about the benefits they have  gained from the Elanra's therapeutic ions.  There are many more on the Testimonials page.


No.132 The Elanra Ioniser is a quite remarkable invention. Besides being a lifelong asthmatic, I recently suffered from a blocked nose at night and a tendency to rhinitis during the day. All three of these conditions have been greatly improved by using the ioniser. So much so, that despite the cost, my wife and I have bought two more for our young grandchildren who show signs of becoming asthmatics and whose parents are now enjoying much more sleep than previously.' The Reverend The Lord Wrenbury, East Sussex.  Read More


No.130 'I have had asthma since I was a child and have been hospitalised many times with bad attacks. I could not walk very far, run or climb stairs without having a rest and bedtime was intolerable. Since I started using the Elanra four months go, things have steadily improved. I am now feeling really good. My lungs feel so much clearer.....I get a good nights sleep all the time now and my peak flow has gone up from its previous maximum of 300 to about 350. I hardly use inhalers at all now and it is all down to the Elanra. I'm even saving money on asthma medicines. I am very grateful to Aircare for introducing me to this product.' Mrs C. F. Chamberlain, Surrey
Read More


No.134 'In January 1999 my husband and I bought an Elanra Ioniser as our three year old daughter suffered with asthma. I am delighted to report that her asthma has improved greatly and her medication has been dramatically reduced. We have travelled abroad with no difficulties and taken the Elanra with us. We have a much happier, healthier child and are enjoying uninterrupted nights' sleep at last!' Mrs J Barnes, Bedfordshire  Read More


No.103 "I can honestly say that the purchase of the Elanra MkII has been one of the best things I've done and I strongly recommend it." Mrs. K Kempster, York  Read More


No.93 "I have been using the Elanra ioniser for nearly two years now and have found it to be leagues ahead of any ordinary bog standard ioniser presently available, some of which I have owned at one time or another." Miss Karen Hunt, Leicester  Read More


No.54 "I will never be without my Elanra Mark II Ioniser again, It definitely made the severe pain go way, it is a relieve to finally find something that works!" SW - San Diego, California  Read More


No.118 "My eczema is under control and I have not developed asthma as I feared. Elanra has given me confidence in the future and comfort and reassurance in the present. I would recommend it to anyone as an insurance policy which is actually worthwhile." Mrs Lynda M Keld, Hampshire  Read More


No.135 "Since starting to use the Elanra I have never suffered a bad night...... I can count on a good night sleep every night......Thank you with all of my heart for working a tremendous improvement to my health. Mrs. P. Barker, Middlesex  Read More


No.110 "I had tried various remedies, including normal ionisers. None of these really helped. With the Elanra, I can finally get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed. I really am impressed with the Elanra." Mr R Jackson, Herts, England  Read More


No.120 "I take my Elanra with me wherever I have an overnight stay with family or friends - it has become as vital as my toothbrush." Mrs Carol Barr, Kent  Read More

No.131 'Having suffered first from Guillian Barre Syndrome and then ME for the past 5 years, what I needed was more energy and more sleep. I have seen a significant improvement in my energy levels and sleep much better since I started using the Elanra. It feels like I'm charging my battery every night when I go to bed.' Mr R. Poole, Berks
Read More


No.133 'I have suffered from sinus problems for some time but since using the Elanra the problem has gone away. Its absolutely brilliant and you're not getting it back!' Mrs E. Beaumont, York
Read More


No.119 "My father has suffered from bronchial problems and asthma for some years......We are no scientists, nor are we health professionals - we don't pretend to know how it works - but unless Dad has undergone a dramatic improvement in his health problems (that he has suffered for 30 years or more), then the ioniser works. It seems a lot of money to pay out at first, but it has been worth it. And, had we found that we had wasted our money on something that didn't work, we would have been the first to send in for a refund." Ms. E Hand (on behalf of Mr J E Hand), Berks  Read More


No.117 "My husband was a smoker for 50 years......during his withdrawal he suffered from acute bronchitis, which left him with asthma.........After a few weeks using the machine (Elanra) he no longer needs puffers and hasn't had so much as a cold for two years. The results were so amazing that we experimented by deliberately leaving the machine switched off for a time. It was back to needing puffers after only two days." Mrs J Green, Berks  Read More


No.55 "If you suffer from Migraines purchase one of these wonderful Elanra's, you will never regret it, as all you have to lose is the pain!" BH - Ramona, California  Read More


No.98 "Using the Elanra has not only reduced the frequency and severity of my migraine attacks but I also sleep better, feel more refreshed and have more energy and vitality. I can honestly say that both my physical and mental well-being have improved considerably and I feel that I have at last gained control of my life again. I would not hesitate to recommend the Elanra Ioniser to anyone." Mrs H Snaith, Leicester  Read More


No.162 "I have used my Elanra ioniser for two nights now and I cannot believe the results I am getting. I have not taken an anti-histamine tablet for two days (having taken them for about thirty years). I sleep better. I awake more refreshed (a miracle in itself) and my husband has not heard me snore! Tonight my husband (the cynical doctor) is going to use it on his side of the bed to see if it helps his stuffed up nose and snoring!" Mrs P Camm, Dorchester (via email)  Read More


No.121 I bought an Elanra about six months ago to help prevent me getting migraines. Since I started using it I have not had a migraine. There is nothing else to be said". David Tomlinson, Nottingham
Read More


No.106 "It has been the one item I have purchased that has been well worth its cost and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has breathing difficulties." Mrs A Williams, Mid Glamorgan  Read More




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